Online Scuba Diving Certification

It is possible to obtain scuba diving certification online.

You can learn to dive online. How does this concept work? The distance learning approach in diving has several benefits for trainees. Students can take the lecture sessions anywhere there is Internet access, schedule lessons anytime of the day, and avoid training during vacation.

Details about Online Diving Courses

Completion of an online scuba diving program does not make an individual eligible for continuing traditional training in diving. You still need to be mentally and physically fit to take up diving lessons. Student divers must pass a diving medical questionnaire before going into the water. This is one of the requirements of scuba diving certification. However, this is not demanded prior to registration and payment for an online course. Review the medical prerequisites for scuba diving before enrolling in any online training. Almost all of entry-level scuba certifications require students to pass the water skills test. This test may consist of swimming or snorkeling a chosen distance. It can also include water treading which requires students to maintain a vertical position in the water and float for an extended period. Prospective divers must complete water skill requirements before signing up for online scuba certification.

Considerations in Online Courses

Online courses may be complicated for some students. Consider the following prior to signing up in any online program:

  • Self-organization is imperative.
  • Students should become proficient in concepts even without any help from the instructor.
  • The scuba diving certification online does not introduce trainees to the local dive community. Thus, you may not experience the companionship of taking a course with various types of people.
  • Computer access is essential and this should include the capability to stream videos for specific online subjects.

Majority of distance learning scuba certifications consist of theory, open water dives and pool practice lessons. These courses permit students to finish the sole theory portion of the training. Online students can look forward to tests to make sure that important information has been learned well. The principal reminder is that students should not try to dive without completion of the course under the guidance of a competent trainer.

Online Courses and Resources

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) offers theoretical elements of all online scuba certification courses. Students must take up an online course and choose the dive center where it is possible to complete the in-water section of the course before being allowed access to the study materials. Remember that the acquisition of an online course from PADI cannot be refunded. Make certain that you accomplish requirements necessary for completion of scuba diving certification online such as medical conditions for diving and minimum certification level for enrollment.

On the other hand, the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) has an e-Learning Center for diving learners who opt to purchase the association’s Diver Education System course materials. These come with internet access codes which enable a diver to log in and evaluate educational resources. It is important to have a Dive Center identification number, an Instructor number, and internet access code for logging in.