Cost of Scuba Certification

Scuba diving is a fun adventure sport, and is also an expensive one, starting with certification costs.

Scuba diving is an exceptionally exciting occupation and sport. However, it can be very expensive due to the cost of actual training, diving gear and certification. Furthermore, you have to spend for travel, food and accommodations when there is a need to visit distant diving destinations. Nonetheless, plan for these logistics and take your scuba training very seriously.

Expenses for Certification

Divers must obtain the required certification before being permitted to dive in open seas. The cost will be approximately from $200 to $500 inclusive of the course and actual diving component. The Professional Association of Diving Instructors offers an online segment of the training which should cost the trainee around $100. This will cover instructions but not the scuba diving trips in open waters. Prices fluctuate primarily because of the open water certification which can be as high as $500 or even more. There are diving shops that give packages of $200 to $350 for three dives.

One factor to take into consideration for scuba certification cost is the PADI handbook and open water dive which have been incorporated into the total certification. That is why the fee can range from $360 to $500. The scuba diving gear will make the price more expensive. Some training outfits will provide rental gear but most classes require students to bring their own equipment. The basic paraphernalia plus accessories such as dive watches and wet suits can cost up to $1,200.

List of Essential Diving Equipment

  • Aspiring divers have to prepare for the scuba diving gear that will be used for this adventurous pursuit.
  • The mask should be on top of your list and make sure that it fits exactly into your face. This swimming mask must not obstruct your vision while swimming underwater.
  • Snorkel is the tube attached to the mask and enables you to breathe without difficulty.
  • Fins are the webbed footwear made of rubber that divers put on their feet. The fins will impel the diver through the water in the process of kicking your feet.
  • Wetsuit refers to the body-fitting waterproof suit that the diver wears. This has been designed to retain body heat even if you are submerged in cold water for a long time.
  • Scuba diving tanks are filled with compressed oxygen that you will need for breathing while underwater. The tank goes with the regulator system which adjusts condensed air making it safe for you to inhale. It is practical to rent this equipment instead of purchasing because of the price.
  • The buoyancy compensator or control device is an inflatable vest which you wear while under the water. This can be adjusted as required to control buoyancy while you move around underwater.
  • Scuba weights should also be part of your scuba diving gear. It is important to add weights to help you attain the ability to float and maintain control. These are not pricey but you can rent just the same to avoid the hassle of carrying these while travelling.